It’s None of My Business!

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Now here’s a statement I have been repeating to myself a lot lately! Not only does repeating it make me feel less stressed about circumstances that aren’t mine to control, it also reminds me to observe my reaction to the circumstance.

Somewhere in my reaction is a lesson and pattern of response that’s mine to observe. Sometimes it’s a judgment or a fear, and sometimes an attempt to defend my point of view and make the other person wrong.

Whatever it is, it is mine to discover and release. Or, I can continue to re-create it over and over again, ad nauseum until I do.

For example, let’s say my daughter and ex-husband have a disagreement. She calls me up to share her experience. I listen and am triggered by her explanation of the disagreement. What then?

The truth? It’s none of my business!

What’s going on between my daughter and ex-husband is none of my business! It is between them. What is my business is my response to the circumstance. I have an opportunity to observe my response, emotional reaction, and listen to the chatter in my head. This is my work and business.

Pretty simple huh? Actually it’s pure freedom. It makes life a lot less stressful.

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