A Personal Note from The Universe

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Have you ever heard these statements?

God keeps putting things in front of you until you get it right.

What you resist persists?

The names and faces have changed but the experience is still the same.

Why is this happening to me again???

These comments and statements basically communicate the same thing. And that is …..what you deny, suppress, avoid and refuse to look at or address will never go away. It will be experienced over and over again until you take responsibility for creating it.

Whenever you’re triggered (your buttons are pushed) by a person, circumstance or event in your life and your response is fear, judgment, anger, hostility or defense; this is a note and lesson for you. It’s A Personal Note from the Universe to put your full attention on the object or circumstance, your response to it and ask the question, what is MY trigger?

For example, have you ever felt that every man you had a serious relationship with was exactly the same? Have you ever wished that he would just “get it together” and treat you with the respect you deserve? Do you find a recurring theme or that you repeat the same exhausting phrases to these men over and over again?

Well I have and I still do! However, the way I deal with it today is different than in years before. I now know to stop, take a breath, observe my response, internal chatter and ask the question, what is my trigger? I make it about me, and not them.

I accept my invitation and Personal Note from the Universe…..I willingly and with delight accept the invitation to work on my issues......to work on me.

I love my personal invitations!!!!

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