Taking the Dixie Quiz…..

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I love this! Are you Yankee or Dixie? Take the quiz and see.

My Yankee bellefriend Dena Marino from Staten Island, NY, sent me this quiz. You remember Dena don’t ya? She’s was the woman I blogged about that loves to toot, toot, toot her northern horn full out and on her terms!

Dena is 48% Yankee, that’s according to the quiz, not Dena. Dena would tell you she is 100% Yankee. My score was 61% Dixie, a definitive Southern score according to the computation. I think 61% reflects a little southern rebellion don’t you?

Give it a try….it’s fun! Are you Dixie or Yankee?

100% is pure Dixie and 0% is pure Yankee.

Access the quiz here. Be sure to let me know your score!

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