Okay Nancy… I’m Drunk with Appreciation

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I have been having a blast over at my “fearless self-expression sister”, Nancy Tierney’s Unconditional Confidence blog this week. She has taken up the Complaint Free World challenge, and given it an unconditionally confident twist.

The Complaint Free World challenge is to order a bracelet and then…..live a complaint free life…… for 21 days!

If for any reason whatsoever, you find yourself complaining during those 21 days, your job is to switch the arm you’re wearing the bracelet on. The purpose? To get the world to be a more positive place.

Read more about it here and be sure to order your bracelet. I got mine.

So, my friend Nancy has issued a counter challenge – an appreciation challenge to create a World Drunk on Appreciation. Here’s how it works. Anytime you find yourself getting grumpy or starting to complain, switch your bracelet, then….. find 5 things in your life to appreciate. Really appreciate. Five things that absolutely rock your world!!!! Like Nancy Tierney, her humor and her fearless self-expression! You rock Nancy!

Come along and join us for the challenge……let’s go get drunk…..on appreciation that is!!

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