Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings!

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We are the producers of our life. We are the producers of our energy and what we attract and experience.

So how do we change? How do we become a powerful point of attraction for success, abundance and well-being in our lives? In her book, Quantum Success, Sandra Taylor says it’s all in your personal energetic calling card. Your personal calling card consists of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Not only do you write the script and direct the play, you produce the whole darn thing. And, you do it by how you hold your energy.

Your personal resonance is created through the vibration of your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Thoughts are the powerful mental and cognitive expressions of your energy. Your thoughts carry an energetic frequency all their own. What you think about you bring about. The thoughts you think, bring about a response in your emotional energy.

Emotions are the powerful energetic expressions of you. Emotions are expressed in response to your thoughts. Emotions can be expressed as anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, depression, melancholy and boredom. And, emotions can be expressed as happiness, compassion, love, joy, bliss and excitement. The force and intensity of those emotional responses create a feeling in your body.

Feelings are the expression, vibration and manifestation of emotions in your physical body. They alert you to how you are holding your energy. Feelings can “feel” good and feelings can ‘feel” bad. How you feel reflects your energetic point of vibration and ultimately creates your personal resonance and calling card.

We are each responsible for our personal resonance, our thoughts, emotions and feelings. What are you vibrating? Are you aware of your personal energetic calling card?

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