The Wisdom of My Little Buddha

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I am so grateful for my children. Over the years I have truly embraced them as my greatest teachers. I have learned so many things from them and get that they have much to share, when I’m listening.

I received a quick phone call from my daughter this evening. Jamie is studying alternative medicine and was coming home from class. She wanted to share an epiphany with me. She does this quite often and it rocks my soul!!

I love it that my 23 year old daughter is so “awake”. And, that we consciously get to share our epiphanies, our life lessons and our spiritual unfolding. It’s SWEET!!

So, Jamie calls and says, “You know mom. I have a greater understanding of my boundaries and how to honor myself after my lecture in class tonight. I know how to stop the chatter and gossip without allowing myself to get caught in the flow. I know what to say that keeps the responsibility for my energy and boundaries with me, without sounding like I’m better than or by making the other person wrong. I can simple offer:

I love you and I love connecting with you. However, this information serves no purpose in my life. If you have something to say to me from your heart, I am hear to listen. For now, I choose to honor me. Thank you.

I feel so liberated and clear. I know how to honor myself!!”

Whoa…what a gift in the message of wisdom from my little Buddha.

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