The Technology of Prayer

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Okay, so here’s where I really get excited. Sandra Anne Taylor is talking my language.

Quantum Success has everything to do with me and how I hold my energy. Taking responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and feelings is consciously creating my life, which in Sandra’s book is the Law of Manifestation. And, as I become more conscious of how I use my thought and emotional energy to create my life, I attract circumstances and events to myself like a magnet (the Law of Magnetism), thus creating Quantum Success. Pretty rockin, huh?

As much as this information rocks every time I read it, it’s not new information. There are many fabulous bodies of work that describe how to create the life we desire using vibration, emotion and feeling along with the Laws of the Universe.

One of those brilliant bodies of work is presented by Gregg Braden in The Lost Mode of Prayer. Gregg describes the lost mode of prayer as a form of prayer, a prayer that has no words or outward expression. Braden’s presentation teaches that prayer is a highly sophisticated vibratory technique and an ancient memory that exists inside each of us. It’s an internal technology based in feeling that we can reclaim and call upon.

The lost mode of prayer invites us to become aware of and direct our thoughts, emotions and feelings to experience and embrace the creative forces of the Universe. This modality of prayer instructs us to consciously access, embrace and experience our bodies in conjunction with the creative forces of the Universe through three modes: thought, emotion and feeling.

As we align our thoughts, emotions and feelings into one powerful directive force, we create a vibration, a feeling of acknowledgment and gratitude that our desire is already accomplished. We can then say, “mountain move” and the mountain will move.

Am I the only one that gets pumped by this information? I ask myself this question all the time. This information must be resonating something deep within me that soothes my spirit and rocks my soul!!!

Okay….so how do we actually use this information to access this technology? How do we align our thoughts, emotions and feelings to fulfill our dreams and create the Quantum Success we desire?

Embody the technology:

Direct the thought.
Power the thought with emotion.
Feel the union (of thought and emotion) and with appreciation and gratitude, claim your desire as already done.

This is heart based prayer and this is Quantum Success!

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