The Best Book Ever

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I am reading a new book this week. Like what’s new, right?

At this point in my life, when I run into my “bellefriends” they usually ask, “So Tuck, what are ya reading now? What’s the best book ever you’re reading now?”

I kinda like it. It’s fun to be known for something. So, why not for reading and loving great books?

I’d like to introduce you to “My Best Book Ever” this week. It’s called Quantum Success, by Sandra Anne Taylor and it’s really, really good. Of course, anything that takes me into the world of quantum physics floats my boat and rocks my world.

Quantum Success is full of powerful information, including the Law of Magnetism. The Law of Magnetism says that we can only attract the same kind of energy that we put out about ourselves; like attracts like. We’ve heard this before, right?

So, the question becomes, are we aware of the energy we project? Are we aware of our energy resonance, signals, vibrations, frequency and our point of attraction? Are we aware of the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and our emotional responses to the people and events that surround us?

If we don’t like who we are, what we have or what we experience, guess who gets to change it? Guess whose responsibility it is to change?

You’re right…..YOU, ME, US, WE!!!!

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