Inspired by “My Little Buddha”

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Okay, so here I go again. My Little Buddha, that would be my daughter Jamie, called me last night with an issue. A good friend and co-worker of hers confided in her that their boss offered Jamie’s job to him. The job was offered to him because it is more in alignment with his career path than Jamie’s. Jamie works this particular job full time to assist with her living expenses.

Now “my little Buddha” is a very hard worker, someone who takes her job responsibilities seriously. She has been honest with her employer as to how this job fits into her “career and life purpose” plan. This was made clear to him when he initially offered her the position.

Here’s the rub. Jamie’s boss frequently tells her what a fabulous job she is doing. He tells her she is the best ever in performing the duties of the current position. So, to hear that he offered her job position to someone else, without the respect of letting her know got her juices flowing. She felt betrayed.

However, after her initial emotional flow about the situation, Jamie called back and said:

“You know mom, I’m going to be okay. The Universe is going to take care of me. It always has. I just need to believe in myself, and that the Universe will uphold me like always. I’m awesome, right? Yes, I’m awesome. In fact, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to put a note on my mirror in my bedroom and bathroom with I’m Awesome on it, because I am. I’m awesome. I am frick’n awesome!!”

Do you want to know how pumped I get when I hear “my little Buddha” talk like this? I think it’s awesome! I love that at the age of 23, Jamie has the tools to shift her thinking. She knows the truth. She does her work.

Oh, that I had known what she knows at her age. But then, I wouldn’t be who I am today….someone who gets to be enormously blessed and inspired by “my little Buddha”!!

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