I’m One of the 55!!

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Last month I included, Are You One of the 55? in my newsletter. I loved the originality and creativity in some of the responses. Thought I’d share the responses and from wince they came:


I could read it all the first time except for the word strange in the first sentence. I can only guess that strange doesn’t fit the rest of the sentence somehow.
Bonnie Hinman
Joplin, MO

Read it with no problem-or raed it wtih no polbrem.
Works best with longer words. a 2 letter word doesn't change. Interesting study. I wonder if age is a factor?
Pat Lewis-Life Coach

Count me in! I always knew I had a strange mind--this just proves it, LOL!
All the best,
Leanne Beattie
Marketing Consultant/Copywriter
Fergus, ON, Canada

Amazingly I had no problem reading the jumbled up words.
In fact I think I read it faster than I would normally do it!
Go figure.
Claim Your Birthright of Health and Wealth

Very kewl! Thanks...sure can read it, hehehe!
Blessings, Alana in New Zealand

Why yes! This was effortless for me to read and understand. If there were spelling errors in it, with a 'normally' written paragraph, I would see the errors right away. Is it my high verbal & comprehension skills that make me one of 55? Is it attention to detail? My English degree? This is interesting!
Meg Haworth, Ph.D.
Transpersonal Psychology - Author of "Become Who You Are" workbooks
Life altering workshops and sessions available via telephone world wide.
"Become who you are and just BE that."

yeap i sped read it....i am one of the 10
Rev. Maggie Self
Parenting and Raising Spiritually Authentic Children

I can read it!
Angela Howard MBA RSMT, manager
Art in Motion, LLC
"Committed to Personal Growth and Environmental Development"

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