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Here I go again. I have a new word and I love it. I have been pondering a catchy name for affirmations for a year now and I got one….AFFIRM-ITUDE!!

What's an AFFIRM-ITUDE? It's an affirmation that’s spoken with an attitude of gratitude.

And what’s an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive statement that claims whatever we are affirming, in present time, right?

And, why an attitude of gratitude? Well, why the heck not? An attitude of gratitude feels good and creates a positive emotion and vibration in you. What does positive emotion and vibration attract to you? Why, great things, of course!!

My guess is we all know about affirmations by now. We know how to write them, speak them, visualize them, carry them around on little cards, and stick them everywhere in order to remember to affirm them.

Now, do they work? That’s a great question. Over the years I have listened to and read many different perspectives on the power of affirmations. And, I’ve changed my mind about how they work, whether they work, when they work and why they work.

I’d like to ask a question. How do you feel when you are focusing on what is positive in your life? How do you feel when you think about your children, for example? How do you feel when your heart is full of gratitude for the people, things and blessings in your life? You probably feel great, right?

I know when I look at pictures of my children, my heart expands and is full of gratitude and love for the opportunity to experience my connection with them. In those moments I am filled with an attitude of gratitude. It feels amazing!

So, when an affirmation is spoken from a perspective (attitude) and emotional feeling (gratitude) that warms and expands your heart, you direct enormous power into what you are affirming. That’s power!


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