What Are You Experiencing in Life?

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Peace, serenity, compassion, passion, harmony, love, abundance and well-being?

Or, anger, frustration, hatred, struggle, resentment, jealousy and boredom?

Are you aware that what you observe in your life and how you perceive circumstances in your life has everything to do with what you experience? Profound concept don’t ya think?

Even though I know this to be true, I'm amazed at how often I have to remind myself of this principle. Throughout my day, as I'm triggered by people and circumstances, I am constantly reminding myself - the world is MY mirror.

The people, their comments, their actions, my circumstances and especially my triggers, mirror to me the beliefs, conditions and issues that are mine to be responsible and accountable for. This can be quite humbling at times. It is also amazingly empowering.

One of the greatest and most empowering lessons I’ve learned in life is that I create my reality. I create the circumstances and conditions in my life by how I hold MY energy; how I perceive the people, situations and experiences in MY life. It’s not THEM!

Life is not about blaming THEM. Life is not about changing THEM so I feel better, safer, more secure or powerful. Blaming and insisting that THEY change is disempowering. It only keeps ME stuck. It keeps ME in denial while giving the power over my life to THEM. What a waste of precious time and energy.

So, how do I turn these moments around? How do I take my power back over issues and circumstances that control my energy and filter my perceptions? In those moments of feeling triggered, in those moments of feeling anger, frustration, struggle, resentment or jealousy, I practice asking the question:

What is MY issue? What is this situation or circumstance here to teach me? If this situation were to continue indefinitely, what trait would I need to develop to embrace this circumstance or experience neutrality? How do I perceive this person, condition or circumstance? Is my perception coming from a place of love and compassion or from anger, fear and hostility?

The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.”
-William Makepeace Thackeray

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