No Not Punk’d…Shock’d!

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OMG... I’ve been SHOCKED! No, not PUNK’D... SHOCK’D!

Ashton Kutcher is a master prankster to the stars. When they least expect it, he is there to punk ’em back down to earth.

Enter Philippe Matthews, a preacher to the seekers. When they most desire it, he is there to shock ’em to a new mindset. I’ve been SHOCKED to a new mindset!

I am so thrilled and excited to find a new body of work to study and a new mentor to bathe myself in. Step #6 of my Rebel Belle Guide to Bold Self-Expression is “When The Student is Ready...” A Rebel Belle magically attracts what she needs for her growth and fulfillment.

Well, I’ve done it again! I have manifested a model and resource to inspire, challenge and SHOCK me to a new level.

I’ve got new tools to add to my toolbox and new information to share. The body of work is the SHOCK Philosophy™, and the mentor is the Rev. Philippe Matthews.

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