My Personal Blueprint

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In 2003, I was introduced to a tool that rocked my world and set me free – Human Energy Design - my personal blueprint for living life.

With Human Energy Design, I was introduced to my instruction manual for understanding my thoughts, feelings and behaviors and connecting to my inner strength and power. I was given the key to transforming myself and changing my world.

For the first time in life, my emotional nature was finally affirmed. In fact, in making life choices I am to embrace, honor, and ride my wave of emotions (all of them!). When I allow my moods, I will be clear about who I am and where I’m going.

Amazing! I spent my entire life trying to hide, stuff, deny and apologize for my moods and emotions. Hearing this was pure freedom to my ears. Design also gave me a personal strategy for making choices and decisions in life, which resonated through every fiber of my being. My personal blueprint is a “Manifesting Generator.” I have the genetic capacity to initiate and manifest whatever I want. My life strategy, however, requires that I manifest only when something shows up in my life to respond to. Rather than forcing things to happen, I wait to respond and the “path of least resistance” synchronistically shows up.

What a relief! I was clear I could manifest if I worked hard enough, but I always felt like a bull in a china shop. This information totally transformed my awareness and acceptance of my self. I was “seeing” my truth for the first time and feeling empowered by the same characteristics and traits that others tried to suppress in me. I was free!

How would you like to be free, discover your unique gifts and talents, access the key to your inner power and strength, and embrace your wisdom in a whole new, empowering way?

Your personal blueprint and Human Design chart is a freedom tool that will give you a strategy for making choices that, when understood and applied, will transform any and all areas of your life.

Unlock the truth of who you are. Unlock your “BELLEPOWER!” Discover your unique blueprint and voice of bold self-expression.

Request a free copy of your personal blueprint and chart. With my compliments, you’ll also receive “The Keys to Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are,” a five-part e-course that discusses the basics of the Human Design System.

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