I like being me!

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You know what? I haven’t always been able to say that….but today it is true. I like being me!

I used to worry what others were thinking about me. I worried that I was too emotional, too loud, at times even too excited about what I was doing. I worried that people talked about me because I fly by the seat of my pants, rush into things and change my mind a lot.

Not any more, thanks to my Human Design Chart and the understanding that I am an emotional manifesting generator. I now know that part of my uniqueness and charm IS my passion, my emotional wave and my zeal for life. As a manifesting generator, I am quick to initiate things, and at times, I may skip steps due to my excitement and enthusiasm. This is part of the suit I wear.

The gift here? I don’t have to try to deny who I am anymore. I get to embrace my uniqueness and celebrate me.

Self love, self acceptance and self appreciation are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

Do you love you? Try it... you may like it. Celebrate your uniqueness today. Celebrate you!

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