Family Constellations

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Behaviors tend to be transmitted from generation to generation. Facing and processing through patterns is the best way to stop the behaviors from being passed on to your children. What you don’t deal with will be passed on; what you are willing to face, sort out and heal will no longer infect family dynamics. The pattern stops with you!
This is a quote from one of my favorite books, Why is This Happening to Me... Again?!, a book written by the fabulous Dr. Michael Ryce. The title of this particular chapter is “Inherited Patterns.” I am fascinated by family patterns and issues, and the fact that they are passed from generation to generation. And, I totally agree that whatever I heal and take responsibility for will also heal generations before and after me. Amazing thought, isn’t it? I love this type of work. It rocks! I am blessed and fortunate to have a brother and sisters who openly and willingly communicate about family patterns, how they show up and how we can actively participate in healing and forgiving these patterns. In fact, January 19-21 of next year, I am hosting a Family Constellation workshop that will focus on trans-generational and ancestral healing. It will be facilitated by John Payne, author of The Healing of Individuals Families & Nations and The Language of the Soul and the founder of The South African Institute for Family Constellations. John has 7 years of experience in the field of systemic work and has facilitated over 250 workshops on 5 continents. If you aren’t familiar with Family Constellation work, I encourage you to purchase either of John’s books I mentioned. They are a great beginning. Take a look at this family portrait... could this family benefit from healing? (I do hope you are sharing in my humor!)

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