The Secret

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How many of you caught "The Secret" crew on Larry King Live last night? I was so pumped. All that power, positive resonance, love and creativity in one space was blowing my mind.

I’ve watched it twice allowing and integrating the wisdom into my heart and mind through repetition and osmosis. The ideas and words spoken and shared warmed my heart and soul. Here are just of few of the nuggets of wisdom I received.

The quality of my life is equal to the quality of the questions I ask myself. Ask how can this serve? Use opportunity and all it brings as a resource. Bless what is.

I can create the life I desire. The first step is awareness. Awareness begins with gratitude and an open heart. The nature of the Universe is good. I can surrender to that goodness, align with it, embody and internalize it.

I have a choice. I can take responsibility for my reality, and how I approach and perceive my life circumstances. I can begin with inner talk that is uplifting, inspirational and affirmative. When I believe that things can be better, change is possible.

Know my values. Set objectives that inspire and align with those values. Create a vision for my life. Describe, feel it, live in it and the Universe will compel me into right action. I am here, we are here to deliver our gifts, talents, capabilities, and to develop ourselves to our fullest potential and express ourselves.

Start and end each day in a state of gratitude and grace and count my blessings.

Thank you Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, JZ Knight, Rev Michael Beckwith and Dr. John DeMartini for sharing.

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