Positive vs. Affirmative Thinking

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Are you a positive thinker?

On Larry King Live the other night, Rev. Michael Beckwith shared his thoughts on positive thinking. Rev. Michael speaks of affirmative thinking rather than positive thinking. He says we "think positively" about many things. We can be positive that we are rich and we can be positive that we are broke. We can think positively about both circumstances.

Affirmative thinking has us choose "positive" even when "the negative" appears. We make a choice to see both sides as opportunity, learning and advantage.

Rev. Michael says, "Begin with affirming that we are surrounded by a unified field of awareness that is operating for us. The nature of this field and Universe is good. Again, we ask, how does this serve? We trust that everything is in divine right order. "

JZ Knight offered that she doesn’t even like to use the word "positive thinking". Using the word "positive" suggests that we are by nature negative. JZ says, "We are wonderful". She says to let the goodness, the light and the love within bubble up and out. "Fall in love with all aspects of who you are".

JZ says to wake us each day and affirm:

"I’m wonderful. I’m filled with wonder. I am my greatest mystery and this day what I say will manifest. I will experience the wonder of myself. This day I am a genius. I create a new reality that is fulfilling and without worry."

I invite you to focus on what you love about you today…celebrate you….affirm you! You are wonderful!

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