Do You Have a “Life List”?

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I love Ellen DeGeneres. To me, she’s the real deal – a Rebel Belle who has found her “ness!”
“I have a certain philosophy,” Ellen recently shared in an interview, “If it feels good, if I feel good doing it, then it will just feel good to watch.”

Ellen boldy expresses herself. Whether she’s dancing through the audience with the abandon of someone in her kitchen with the blinds drawn or showing slow-motion replays of her inadvertent falls — she is true to herself, and in the process, creates a feel-good environment.

Comedian Robin Williams says, “She’s got the best laugh in show business. I think she’s genuinely having a good time. She picks stuff that’s silly and fun.” (Like when she had him ride a bike onstage, for instance.) “You feel like you’re with a really brilliant 12-year-old.”

My perception of Ellen is she knows who she is and, she’s comforable expressing and sharing her voice with the world. In fact, I think she gets a kick out of it!

Recently, Ellen has been goading celebrity guests and audience members to write their “life lists,” all the things they’ve always wanted to do but never have. Orlando Bloom actually celebrated one of his life lists when he learned to play the bongos right there on the show. Ellen’s list?

Be more patient
Take tennis lessons
Learn Spanish
Do more to help New Orleans
Learn how to use a computer
Visit Amsterdam
Go to Africa
(Watch Ellen on video)

Ellen has been crossing entries off of her list, like learning Spanish (on camera, no less, at a nearby middle school). And, she’s now learned to play tennis and use a computer.

Do you have a life list? Let’s create one. I’ll go first.

Live without fear… every day!
Do what I love to do and trust that I am upheld!
Take my son to Las Vegas, California wine country, New York
Own beach property for retreat
Have a second home in Sedona
Write a book
Be a speaker
Travel to Macchu Pichu, Italy, Egypt and Tibet

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