The Power of Southern Roots

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So what did my southern "bellefriends" say about their “southern roots” and how it expanded the expression of who they are?

The “be seen and not heard” thing taught me to listen on a deeper level.

I thought the stork burped or something and dropped me off. Being uncomfortable compelled me to find my own internal fit.

All of the experiences, the good, bad and indifferent played a part in molding me into the fabulous phenomenal woman I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I got to embrace the softness of being a woman. The southern softness is deep, essential and totally in my essence.

I am beginning to bloom at 50, discovering I don’t have to be what others want me to be. The southern label and all it brings encouraged me to get out of that small box. I am strong, single, independent and proud of it.

Thanks to my southern role model mom, I am a strong independent woman, who can be accommodating without losing herself.

I’ve learned I do have choices. I could close the book on what everyone taught me and re-open it myself. I get to choose my morals and values and I get to be me.

It’s taught me to be true to myself, to think for myself and stand on my own two feet.

I was taught to follow certain rules and roles or be ostracized. Who I was supposed to be felt limiting. So I have broken out of the mold to get to MY real roots, and be me!

Doesn’t this sound like all women who seek to re-claim their voice, power and passion and live life on their own terms?

I believe women have buckets of wisdom to share from their personal journeys. Stay tuned for the answers as I ask my oh so wise southern “bellefriends”, “What guidance and perspective would you share with young southern women today?"

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