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The final question, “What guidance would you offer to young southern women of today?” What poured forth was way wise wisdom for any woman, anywhere, at any age...

Listen to your own voice and trust your own instincts. The earlier you tap into your intuition and trust it, the better off you will be.

Be who you are all the time. Trust yourself, trust your inner voice. Take time to get to know you. Send time with yourself. Get to know what you really want.

Speak as well as write your hopes and dreams, no matter how outrageous you think they are. Don’t let other people limit what you know, believe and want to do. Keep dreaming, dream as big as you possibly can. The only thing that stands in the way is you.

Work your assets! Use your charm.

Be yourself. Don’t be afraid. Step out of the box. Embrace your freedom.

Listen to yourself rather than the culture around you.

I would tell them to break out of the box... but would they know what that means? Be independent!

Get out of the mold and be yourself. Think for yourself. Stand on your own two feet. Know who you are. Know your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and then share that part of who you are with others.

Stay true to yourself. Get quiet and listen to your heart. If you are passionate about something, pursue it and go after it. Don’t let others stifle or limit your dreams. “If it flips your skirt, go after it! Follow your dreams!

And, from my northern “bellefriends”...Respect yourself, your values and your opinions. Don’t let others tell you that you don’t know what is true for you.

Let yourself be who you are, whether it fits into an already determined label, path, and identity or whether it doesn’t. Let yourself be fully who you are Do what you enjoy and do whatever it takes to know what that is. Listen to yourself.

Thank you ladies for sharing your hearts, truth and bucket.

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