What is my “Belle-ness”?

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I just saw You, Me & Dupree yesterday, starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon. Funny movie!

Owen plays Dupree, a slacker who ends up on the sofa at his friend Carl’s (Matt Dillon) house… way too soon after his marriage to Kate. Dupree has a knack for screwing things up (with a total sense of innocence and charm, I might add). He also has a knack for fixing things up. He brilliantly and playfully re-unites Kate and Matt after their first marriage fight and break-up.

How does he do this? Dupree helps Carl find his “ness” and get in touch with his “Carl-ness” – his inner strength, his passion and courage to go for what he wants... which, of course, is Kate.

At the end of the movie, there he is – “Dupree, the slacker,” motivating audiences and encouraging them to find their “ness.” “Find your ness’” he chants, as he dances down the aisle in true Tony Robbins form.

So, I’m thinking… what’s my “ness,” and what is my “Belle-ness?”

Passion, purpose and play; living life freely, full out and on my terms... squeezing as much juice and joy from this journey as I can, connecting with people along the way, and, as Dupree so eloquently puts his “ness,” “Staying loose, Staying liquid and Laughing a lot".

What’s your “ness?”

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