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About Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle

Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle

I'm Lifting My Skirt Again!

Join Philippe Matthews and me for a fun and empowering conversation where I share a glimpse of this rebel belle's personal struggles and ongoing path to freedom, liberation and bold self-expression.



Who is this Rebel Belle?

I am a "personal growth enthusiast" and catalyst with a passion for squeezing as much juice and joy out of life as possible. As a southern woman, I was raised to do what is "appropriate" making everyone else around me comfortable, even at the expense of my own happiness. My journey has been one of finding and reclaiming my voice and boldly expressing that to the world. My passion is empowering my clients to find their voice, express it fully and on their own terms!

I am a Certified Life Development Coach in Communication, Certified Natural Law Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Quantum Success Coach, Fitness and Intuitive Eating Coach, and a Human Design Specialist and Consultant. Having studied and mentored with many great Masters of our time ( including Bob Proctor, Dr. Carol McCall, Jennie Marlow, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, Richard Rudd, Christian Pankhurst, Loral Langemeier and many more) I have synthesized the tools and techniques gathered into my Rebel Belle Philosophy, which is uniquely shared through three Dynamic Pathways:

The REBEL-UTION: A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression - This book and unique process was created from my personal journey of finding Freedom from the expectation of others, and Liberating my conditioning to Boldly express my voice, gifts and talents. I would be honored to guide you through this life transforming personal discovery and healing process. 

Human Energy Design: The most empowering blueprint on the planet for revealing your individuality, unique voice and natural talents.Unprecedented in it's accuracy and ease of integration, it is an instrument of personal growth providing a path to self-mastery and healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

The Gene Keys & The Golden Pathway: A universal language and living wisdom that unlock and activate your creative genius and higher purpose for life. As you embark on this life-changing voyage of transformation through the Golden Pathway, you'll discover your Purpose, open your heart in Partnership to life, and release your Prosperity in authentic contribution to the world.

These pathways create a solid foundation, insight and joy in your life that aligns you with your truest path and most authentic essence. I invite you to take an unparalleled leap of faith in yourself.

Grab your petticoat ruffles and high step your way to a whole new fun and fabulous life.


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Contact information:

Phone: 803-665-0847 (East Coast)
Email: Tuck@TheRebelBelle.com